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The Chinese medicine style of diet of balance is very different than
that in the west. In cooperation with a Chinese medicine practitioner
and nutritionist, individuals can tailor their diets to incorporate a
variety of tastes, foods and herbs that will best serve their health
needs. The Chinese diet system is about expanding food options in order
to encompass all types of diet and nutrition sources. 

Food provides the basic energy and nutrients for the body. Nowadays
people tend to neglect the importance of choosing the right food and
even skip a meal (especially omitting breakfast or merging breakfast and
lunch together). They forget that periodic intakes of foods are
essential: to maintain a proper metabolism, good blood circulation, and
to enhance the stability of emotions and cognition. The culture of
slimming is often glamorized by the beauty industry, at the expense of a
balanced diet. The body in a slimmer state will eventually suffer from
malnutrition, dry skin, constipation and even hair loss. 
According to the reference from china state administration of Chinese
medicine the following herbs may be consumed like foods and
incorporated into daily diets in a longer term to promote health and
prevent illness. Supplementation of nutrient-based supplements can
also support a nutrient-deficient diet. 

Our office caters to supporting these areas for overall nutritional