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The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain and Recovery

Physical therapy – also known as physiotherapy – is a natural and non-invasive approach to pain relief and rehabilitation. It is often administered after a person suffers an injury or begins experiencing chronic or recurring pain. For many, this type of treatment provides total pain relief, even allowing some to forego more invasive medical treatments, such as neck, back or joint surgery. Physical therapy can also be beneficial for people of all ages and physical backgrounds, including those who simply wish to maintain wellness and prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

Here at On Point Acupuncture and Wellness, we know first-hand the powerful effects of physical therapy and how is has transformed the lives of countless individuals. Many of the people we treat are able to improve or otherwise prevent mobility loss through a prescription of specific exercises and manual manipulation. Treatment typically involves assisted movement in our office, as well as instruction for at-home exercises between physical therapy sessions. In addition, we are constantly assessing each client’s progress, making changes as necessary to continually challenge the body toward total health and wellness.

Physical therapy is highly advantageous when combined with the holistic benefits of acupuncture. Often, acupuncture alone is helpful for reducing pain; but when combined with physical therapy, it can help restore mobility and flexibility to injured areas affected by functional limitations. Conditions like frozen shoulder and even osteoarthritis often respond quickly to combination treatments, facilitating a rapid recovery and protecting the body from additional injury. In fact, these two treatments administered together are substantially more effective that when they are used independently.

Physical Therapy in the Boston Financial District

When a person visits our office for the first time, we administer a physical therapy assessment to determine individual alignment and motion range. This initial evaluation helps us determine which types of exercises and techniques will most effectively meet each person’s needs. Whether a patient is experiencing isolated joint pain and stiffness or all-over discomfort that inhibits mobility, we know that every person is different. Our goal is to customize our physical therapy plans to relieve pain and rehabilitate injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Appointments can be made by calling our office or scheduling directly via our website.

If you want to improve your physical health or are limited by pain or mobility issues, physical therapy may hold the key to a healthy, pain-free life. Do not live another day with discomfort or functional limitations. Schedule your consultation at On Point Acupuncture and Wellness today. We look forward to guiding you to complete recovery.